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On Universal Primary Education in the Philippines

By Romulo Bautista, Ph.D
Devstrat Consultant

Given the premise that the child of pre-school age has the basic right to “quality education” as tool toward his eventual “total human liberation and development” which is his insurance to self-preservation, the fundamental questions are raised “Where does education begin and where does it end?”

The Advent of Mass Media

Mr. Joefer Maninang
University of Mindanao

The advent of mass media, the rapid development of the means of communication coupled with the advances of information technology, led to the growing awareness of its message, the reality of human struggle and suffering. It began a cultural transformation of the society as people identity themselves towards this alienating reality. It has converted many a people’s stance from being passive into being responsive citizens of the world towards this reality. It unifies men beyond borders.

The Phenomenon of Climate Change

By Dr. Romulo Bautista
Chief Consultant,
Ethical Development Strategies Philippines, Inc.

Climate change has become a global concern because of its threat to the very existence of humankind.

The threat comes from global warming caused by gas emissions that originate from the burning of fossil fuels in many highly industrialized countries, notably the so-called Group of 7 led by USA and the so-called BRIC Group (Brazil, Russia, India & China); as well as from other forms of environmental destruction (e.g. rampant deforestation) due to lack of stricter environmental standards and/or lack of firmer enforcement of stricter environmental standards in poor countries of the third world.